Lenovo ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A Dock

Docking station - USB-C - 2 x HDMI, 2 x DP - GigE - 135 Watt

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fabricant Lenovo
P/N 40AF0135EU
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    • One dock for all notebooks
    • Rich performance
    • Enterprise manageability & simplification

    The ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A dock expands the capabilities of most any laptop, new or old, making it perfect for enterprise customers with mixed-PC or shared-desk environments. Featuring enterprise-class manageability like PXE boot and MAC address Pass-through the ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A offers three high-speed USB3.1 ports, up to dual UHD 4K resolution and rapid charging on ThinkPad notebooks.

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